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Fiche Pays - Greece by Marine and Kevin, students of the French equivalent to 8th grade n the USA, at the Jean Renoir School in Bourges

Motto:  Liberty or Death.

Joined the European Union 1981
Area: 131940 km² (50,942 square miles)
Density: 84.3 inhabitants per square km
Capital: Athens
Type of Gouvernement: Parliamentary Republic
President: Carolos Popoulias
Prime Minister: Costas Caramanlis
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Language(s): modern Greek

Economic Factors:  Greece’s economy, based mainly on service industries, has developed rapidly since it joined the European Union.  It has one of the biggest commercial fishing fleets in the world as well as an important tourist industry, due to its exceptional  historical heritage and it’s scenery, namely in the Cyclades Islands.

History:  Greece has a very rich history, from Ancient Greece to the Greece of today, including the empire of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman domination, the Kingdom of Greece.  After WWII, civil war in 1967 brought a military dictatorship to power.  Since 1975 Greece is a democracy.

Cultural Factors:  The Greeks have an exceptional sense of hospitality and like to meet other people and cultures.  Athens is one of the most important tourist centers in the world, with prestigious monuments such as the Parthenon.