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J141 - Saturday, March 6: Katerini – Koufalia

73.38km – 10H21’ <br>Altitude: 50m<br><br>There is a head wind all day long and Serge wonders if he doesn’t prefer mountain passes….Never satisfied! (smile)<br><br>Last night was so quiet, with no noise to interrupt our sleep so we are in fine form.&nbsp; For Serge it’s a bit different because even before he put his feet on the ground he complained of sore knees. After 6 stages of about 75 km, and the roller coasters over the mountain passes, it’s not surprising.<br>I hope to be able to give him a light, comfort massage very soon because I can’t even remember when he had the last one… several weeks ago, that’s for sure !<br>The end of the stage is fine.&nbsp; Bertrand, whom we named “the freshman” or “the rookie,” has adapted very quickly to the rhythm and the daily tasks.&nbsp; He likes to predict the weather, but since yesterday he forecast sunshine all day and we had rain, he will stop!<br>Our three support team members are seasoned athletes: René, age 61, was an amateur bicycle racer, and he also ran a marathon in 2H57’.&nbsp; He is an alpine skier and a cross country skate skier.&nbsp; Daniel, age 62, loves all sports, is President of the Cycling and Pedestrian Club of Beuzeville, which organizes events primarily for hikers, runners and cross country bikers.&nbsp; Every Tuesday he runs training for some 20 runners and he participates in different races and trails.&nbsp; Bertrand and his wife, Anne, are also marathon runners.&nbsp; All three of these supporters are inquisitive, love nature, the mountains, trekking and discovering other people.&nbsp; They are greatly admiring of Serge’s challenge and are very serious about their job to “support” Serge in the literal sense of the word and to help him reach his objective in the best conditions.<br>Today the weather deteriorated, there were some snow flurries and showers and an icy wind.&nbsp; There were no hills for Serge to climb and the flat was good before we attack Bulgaria, where there seem to be quite a few mountains, especially near the Greek border.<br><br>We avoided Thessaloniki and I’m delighted!&nbsp; The second biggest city of the country, after Athens, left me with an unforgettable souvenir of the Paris-Tokyo.&nbsp; It is a huge, industrial city with few road sighs, which gave us trouble finding our way.&nbsp; So we went around Thessaloniki to the west, then the north.&nbsp; Tomorrow: Polykastro – Cherslo – Rodopoli. <br><br>This evening Serge is in heaven: « not every day is Christmas, » Only one massage per month so you have to enjoy it.<br><br>

Town : Koufalia (Macédoine Centrale)

GPS : N 40.47126° E 022.34383°