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Fiche Pays - Country data – Bulgaria: (Work by students of the French equivalent to 8th grade in the USA at the Jean Renoir School in Bourges)

Motto: «Unity renders power »

Joined the European Union: January 1, 2007

Capital: Sofia

Population:   7.6 million

Density: 69 inhabitants per sq. km

Type of government: Republic

President: Guergui Paranov

Prim Minister: Boyko Borrissov

Religion: Orthodox

Languages: Bulgarian

Country with many lakes and springs, it is crossed by the Danube River and welcomes tourists to its coast on the Black Sea.

Economy:   Light industry, food products and wine are competitive on the European market.  Horticulturists in the Rose Valley export 1 ton of essence of roses every year, which is sent to the most important perfume manufacturers.
History:  Bulgaria was invaded by the Thraces, the Romans, the Slaves and the Protobulgarians.  The country was next dominated by the Byzantines and the Ottomans, before it gained independence in 1908.  An ally of Nazi Germany during WW II, the country was occupied by the Red Army in 1944.  As a popular democracy it was under the influence of Moscow and communism until 1989.
Culture:  The Bulgarians love folk music.

Sources: Wikipédia/LEurope J.M Billiaud, Gallimard Jeunesse, 2005