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J154 - Friday, March 19: Crangurile - Mihaesti

67.51km – 9H30’
Altitude : 402m
Piroux Industrie Romania organized the day which was well filled and full of emotion.
The sun is shining in Romania and our hearts are in our job.  Serge moves at a good pace all the way to Pitesti, where we are to meet in front of the town hall.  At 12:15 a small group is waiting for Serge and the team and the mayor presents a book on Pitesti as a gift.  We learn that this city of 200,000 inhabitants bears the name “The City of Tulips” since 2008 and organizes an important event know as the “Tulip Symphony”.  Serge continues along an unpleasant road toward Calibasi, the location of the Dacia factory.  It is 2:30, time for the change of workers, and the bus brings the employees who will start their “shift” from 3:00 to 11:00 PM.  The platform of the Romanian Dacia group was bought by Renault and completely renovated.  12 to 14,000 people work there, subcontractors included, as opposed to 27,000 at the time of Dacia Romania.  There is a certain amount of excitement as Serge, accompanied by Michel Piroux in jogging gear, crosses the site.  At the doors to the factory there are shelves of fruit and vegetables, pretzels (they are very popular in Romania) and cigarettes.  We head toward Mioveni, a small town below the factory, were we are warmly welcomed by the 1st deputy Mayor and members of the town council.  Next to the town hall there is a magnificent and newly renovated cathedral.  Now it’s time to head for the last meeting at the Piroux Industrie factory, two km from the center of Mioveni.  Serge greets the employees who are waiting outside.  René is delighted to see old friends: Joseph, Adrien, Emil and many others.  Originally, Michel Piroux was to run 3 to 4 km with Serge but he finishes the stage with Serge on the road to Campulung.  The road is in very bad condition and being worked on.  The vehicles have trouble making headway.
The end of the day is not much fun because Serge has an appointment in Pitesti with the dentist.  Some time ago a tooth on a post came out and he wants to have it replaced.  To be on time he has to stop his race around 5:00 at the latest.  The traffic is heavy and it takes about an hour to reach the dentist’s office.  The tooth can’t be replaced and Serge leaves with a temporary filling to plug the hole.  Since this happened Serge has not eaten any nougat, almond paste or chocolate.
We return to Mioveni where this evening we are the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Piroux.  There are 20 of us at dinner, among whom some company employees, all bilingual.  It is a delightful evening, which ends later than usual for us.  It is 9:00 PM when Serge gets to bed.  There will be no sleeping late tomorrow; it’s Serge’s daydream.

Town : Mihaesti

GPS : N 45.05042° E 025.00325°