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Fiche Pays - Country data – Romania: (work by students of the French equivalent to 8th grade in the U.S.A., at the Jean Renoir School in Bourges)

Joined the European Union in 2007
Capital: Bucharest

Area: 238 391 Km²  (92,043 square miles)
Population : 22.2 million
Density: 94 inhabitants/Km²

Type of Government: Républic
President: Traian Bãsescu
Prime Minister: Emil Boc

Religion: Orthodoxe
Language: Romanian

Economy: A rural country with fertile land, Romania has large reserves of gas, oil and coal.  The black sea coast attracts tourists at its famous seaside resorts. The Carpathian mountain range in the heart of Romania is a biological reserve (bears and wolves).

History: Far from the Roman and Byzantine, Ottoman and Austrio-Hungarian empires, Romania is a Latin country.  The golden age of the country was in the 15th century which has left monasteries with frescos in Moldova.  After WW II the country became communist and Romania is the first Eastern European country to have established relations with the European Economic Community. In 1989 the communist regime was overthrown and the Ceausescu couple who ran the country was executed.

Culture:  With more than 2 million members, the Romani community of Romania is the largest in Europe.  Their nomadic way of life keeps them from integrating in Romanian society and they leave the country in great numbers.

Sources :L'Europe J.M Billioud, Gallimard – Jeunesse,2008