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J163 - Sunday, March 28: Barand - Szajol

74.91km – 10H08’
Altitude : 87m
Yesterday afternoon, René and Bertrand together and I on my own, studied the map to find an itinerary better suited to the runner.  This evening we showed Serge the different possibilities and he decided.  We will continue on the E60 to Szolnok, in the hope that on Sunday there will be fewer trucks.  Then tomorrow we will leave this main road in order to head north in the direction of Nagykata, which will place us due east of Budapest.
Once again Serge talks to me about the possibility of staying in bed late one morning.  He said one day he would like to get up at 8:30 or 9:00.  But for now, he has to get ready and a new day has begun, in heavy fog.  Even if it isn’t marshland, this country is relative damp.  The reeds that grow along the highway are proof of it.  There are cultivated fields as far as the eye can see, the earth has been ploughed and some fields have already been sown and are waiting for the good weather to grow.  In Normandy, the rapeseed flowers give color and I like this season which announces spring, but here there is no rapeseed to brighten the fields. To our delight, the fog lifts and the sun comes out.  There are indeed fewer trucks because the rules are the same as at home: from Saturday 10:00 PM to Sunday 10:00 PM, trucks can’t be on the road.
The new troops have arrived and Bertrand has reorganized his bag.  He will soon be back at his job.  As to René, vacation has not yet started and he will be with us for a while.  I will soon speak to you about this rare bird, who works like mad and as a key element has become indispensable to Serge and me.   We can say that this race around the European Union is also his.
I will now hand this over to Bertrand, who was “hazed” at the beginning but has became a strong link in the chain; incredibly efficient, never letting up and the life of the party who made us laugh a lot.
« For me, this has been a short but very powerful adventure.  It was a great moment of sharing with the group and the people we met along the way.  Every day brought surprises.  It has been a daily team effort, where each has his role to play to help Serge succeed in the most favorable conditions. Every morning when I would see him start and push his sore body to move, I ached with him but he is a happy man on his road and quickly finds his pace.  Of the 4 countries totally or partially crossed, Romania leaves good memories due to the diversity of scenery and the people we met.  I would like to thank Laure, René, Serge and Daniel for having put up with me.  It’s with emotion that I leave this adventure and I hope to see you very soon.  Hang in there and see you soon. Serge….admiration! “ Bertrand
P.S.  By the way, have I now earned my “follower’s” degree?
We are going to miss our Bertrand but Anne, his wife, must yearn for his return.  See you soon.

Town : Szajol

GPS : N 47.1047.4° E 020.2018.2 °