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J200 - Tuesday, May 4 : Jadvygiskès - 5km before Atuna

75km  – 10H21’
Altitude : 139m
D200 : a figure that is music to our ears.
Since we entered Sudetenland, between the Czech Republic and Poland, the land has been flat.  Lithuania is a vast, rolling plain, the highest  point of which is at an altitude of 295m.  Today we are on one continuous ribbon of asphalt, the national A14.  It offers Serge a long straight line and a wide shoulder with few variations, which makes for comfortable running.  For us, it’s monotonous, especially since we have not been through a single village during the whole stage.  We barely touch Moletai at km 46.  It gives us the time to study our maps and plan all the way to the polar circle. I start to shiver  just thinking about  it, because today the mercury has trouble climbing above 7-8°C outside and 10° inside the vehicles.  This doesn’t keep Serge from running with bare legs but he is wearing gloves and a cap.
Yesterday, Darius told Serge that Vilnius has 700,000 rather than 540,000 inhabitants.  It doesn’t surprise me because I can’t see what kind of work would be possible in the countryside!
Since we arrived in this country, we have seen people with a plastic bag walking in the grass and looking at the ground.  We have figured out what they are collecting: snails.  There are tons of them everywhere and it leads us to believe that just like the French, the Lithuanians eat these gastropods.  In the country, the houses are made of wood, in more or less good condition, which is left natural or sometimes painted yellow.  The houses tend to be rather small, with steeply slopping roofs and  fretwork.
Serge is light hearted and sings us a song of his own composition for which I have forgotten the words and which he does not want to sing at this late hour.  Here, there is one hour difference with France.  It is 7:50pm for us, whereas it isn’t yet time for you to sit down to dinner, since it is only 6:50pm. See you tomorrow.

GPS : N 55.27’00.3° E 025.33’59.8°