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J205 - Sunday, May 9: Borne 74 on the A1- Voiste

74.30km  –10H13’
Altitude : 25m
Here we are in Estonia, and crossing the border did not change the scenery; trees, moss and marshes.  Since leaving Riga we have followed the Baltic Sea but we are rarely close to it because it is  hidden by pines or occasionally by a dune.
Serge seems to show signs of fatigue but he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t complain and to ask him or to say “my darling you look tired,” would not be in good taste.  I told Eliane today that I feel weary and I am being repetitious when I tell Serge that this race is exhausting.  I’m trying to figure it out but I can’t quite put my finger on why it is exhausting: the repetition of the days??? Or having only one and always the same goal, without being able to think of anything else???  Or the tedious regularity of a nomad’s life, which consists of never stopping in the same place for more than one night???  I suppose when I will be able to take distance the answers will be apparent, but for the moment we are so absorbed in what we are doing that the only thing we can see is:  the finish line on October 17.
The temperature never climbed more than a few degrees above freezing so a hat, the winter jacket and warm socks were not a luxury.  It didn’t rain but it was dull.
Serge noticed that since we entered Estonia, at km 37, the roadside is clean.  He also prefers the seaside route we have chosen to the terrible National 1 which became N4 in Estonia, with its long, straight lines and not a house in sight for dozens of kilometers.  On the seaside route there are villages and life to be seen, which enables us to put aside our innermost thoughts and think of something else.
This evening Serge told us about a police check which he saw from the roadside and which consisted of a driver having to make 10 deep knee bends with his arms stretched horizontally, in order to see how sober he was.  It made Serge laugh because if he were subject to such a check he would be incapable of doing 10 consecutive deep knee bends, no matter how sober he was!
We are sorry we can’t test the temperature of the water but frankly, the air temperature is such that we don’t even want to put our hand in the water.  We are en route to Tallinn and the 15,000 km mark, and then to Helsinki by boat on May 12.  We are on course!
This evening Eliane prepared a succulent meal and we are able to do three loads of wash at our lodging in the woods!

Town : Voiste (Estonie)

GPS : N 58.11’16.1° E 024.29’30.2°