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J219 - Sunday, May 23: Ii - Kemi

74.60km  –10H37’
Altitude : 6 m
Heavy clouds hang in the sky above the Baltic and the land but only a few drops of rain fall.  The temperature is noticeably lower and this morning everyone is well covered with socks, sweaters and jackets: Serge leaves with 3 layers, which is in distinct contrast to the “bare chest” of the past days.
Yesterday René was asked to blow into an apparatus at the entrance of Oulu, to measure the alcohol level and see if it had changed since Spain (Thanks for the calva, Roger!).
This morning René was lucky to see some elk, while Eliane and I went to Kemi.  I had imagined these great beasts to be brown but no, not according to the photo.
All of a sudden the sun comes out and we enjoy this bright patch.  Between km 50 and 65 we take a small parallel road which enables me to talk with Serge.  I drive in first gear with the window open and Serge runs alongside.  Our conversation concerns foot races, but not the European Union Race, and the time flies by.
At km 70 it is 4:00 PM in France, the 48H of Surgères has finished: 2 records were broken, the woman’s world record, all categories, with 397.103 km by Sumie Inagaki (Japan) and the Scandinavian record by Michael Heerman (Finland), who finished the scratch race 3rd, with 382.317 km.  First place was Ryoichi Sekiya (Japan) who finished with more than 407 km on his odometer.
Will Mikael Heerman’s new record be covered by the Finnish press?  I doubt it because ultra running like other sports is not of interest to everyone.
Here we are in Laponia, for a certain number of days because we are going up and up, why not all the way to North Cape???

Town : Kemi

GPS : N 65.45’46.1° E 024.33’74.2°