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J251 - Thursday, June 24: Skebobruk - Täby

74.02km  – 10H14’
Altitude : 31m
It was a full day for everyone on the eve of the weekend because tomorrow is a holiday in Sweden: Midsummer.  It is the feast of Saint John, which is often celebrated around maypoles.  These are decorated with flowers and woven ribbons and people wearing traditional costumes dance around them and sing.  We hope we will be able to see this tomorrow.
In the meantime, we are nearing Stockholm and our caravan is in turmoil: Eliane and Bérengère take over the van and refueling, while René and I leave for the capital.  We join Serge and the girls at km 63 around 4:00 PM, with a head full of complicated instructions for Stockholm.  It won’t be easy to get out of town, which is a real bottleneck….
As to Serge, he was hot, very hot and he had fun counting the numerous vehicles because the Swedes seem to be abandoning the city.  In one hour 600 vehicles passed going toward him and he didn’t even count those going in his direction.
The camping Car looks brand new, after a thorough cleaning which took one hour and was not a luxury.
Lots of you have given your predictions, and it has given Serge an idea…  But for the time being Stockholm tends to take up all our attention so I will address the subject later.
Vive le sport and see you tomorrow!

Town : Täby

GPS : N 59.28’42.2° E 018.07’15 .6°