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J294 - Friday, August 6: 2km before Sint Maria Oudenhove - Oostkamp

77.83km  – 11H10’
Altitude : 23 m
With the exception of our departure, the day was flat in every sense of the word, which was good for Serge.  Dead calm on the Around the European Union Footrace and not much to tell.  Could this be routine?
We are testing youth hostels, which is normal for a bad of youngsters.  This kind of lodging suits our big crew, which shares a dormitory.
Today’s anecdotes :
Refueling and vehicle halts are responsible for some strange encounters:
•    A man who was trimming his hedge came to see what was happening in front of his house.  He told us that he had walked between New York and Las Vegas in 1992.  The world is full of globetrotters!
•    At another refueling halt, in front of a field, we saw a woman throwing a ball to her donkey, who brought it back so she could throw it again, just like a dog. Serge was most amused.
And in the world of animals, in the middle of the road we saw turkeys that not budge, so we went around them and they still did not move.  And lastly, Jean-Yves saw a cow giving birth to a calf in a field.  The countryside is beautiful and ever-present between cities or villages.
It is also the first day without runners coming to join us.  Serge says he is tired and has no particular thoughts.  See you tomorrow when our stage will skirt Bruges and take us to the North Sea.
Happy Birthday to Thomas, Brigitte and Jean-Yves’ son.

Town : Oostkamp

GPS : N 51.07’58.5° E 003.13’36.3°