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J33 - Wednesday, November 18: Périgueux (Municipal Cap Rugby Stadium) – Le Fieu (Town Hall)

Wednesday, November 18: Périgueux (Municipal Cap Rugby Stadium) – Le Fieu (Town Hall)
72.2km – 9:09’
At 9:00 PM and after an excellent meal at the home of Alain and Odile where we are guests this evening, I take pen in hand to write these few lines.  It was a meal during which I did honor to my title of “Honorary Knight of the Order of Winemakers of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur, ” a very special event and a surprise for Serge:
An honorary title bestowed by the Order of Winemakers upon the two of us to carry beyond our borders….
Since the month of May, Alain has been working to organize our trip in Gironde so that it will be memorable.  He has developed the Road Book for the next two days and I am very happy to have turned this job over to him because I find it rather difficult.
Many thanks to him and to his family for their patience during the time he has spent on this event.  And many thanks for this warm hospitality in front of the fire, which helps us forget for the moment that tomorrow we will again be on the road…
A word about today, which began in the presence of 2 courageous women at the Périgeux Stadium and by our meeting with Yvette, 72 years old with a 10kg back pack, who has already taken the road alone with her pilgrim’s staff , toward  Rome and Jerusalem.  She is heading toward Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, having started in Vezelay (in Burgundy).  This is a very unexpected and moving encounter.  Perhaps will meet her again on the road!!!...
Then as we leave the Dordogne, in the town of Pizou, 2 school classes have been mobilized to greet Serge, even if it is Wednesday (the day the children don’t have school)  parents are alerted and everyone is there to run 500 meters with Serge, a true “flock of sparrows.”
The body of runners grows as we go toward Fieu.  Big and small join Serge until there are about 100 people.  Michel Vacher, mayor of this town of 477 souls, insists on being here for the finish and cancels his trip to Paris to attend the 3-day national meeting of the mayors of France.  It’s the same for Mr. Paigne, president of the Council of the County of Coutras and Mr. Barreau, dean of the Gironde Council.  We thank them all for their presence
Small towns with big hearts, I think that we will return to this north-east corner of  Gironde, which we discovered last May, thanks to Alain and Odile.  Thanks go to them and to their youngest daughter, Anne, an ardent supporter of Serge who ran the last kilometers of the stage.

Town : Le Fieu (33)

GPS : N 45.05896° - W 000.03268°